Sunday, April 23, 2017


Today was one of those days that makes me excited for summer. We didn't have any real plans, but had so much fun...and for the most part the kids got along. They slept in until 6:45...yes, that's sleeping in for them. They watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I made waffles. Then, we had a tea party, built with legos, played outside, went to the park and took a bubble bath. I'm sure tomorrow will be a completely different story.

Zoo Field Trip

On Friday, I went with Keller and his class to the zoo. It was nice to do something with just Keller since so often these days he has to be the patient big brother. The kids had so much fun and almost all of the animals were out so that added to the excitement.


Keller is loving baseball this year and is doing really well. For the most part, he is hitting the pitches from the coaches and rarely needs the tee. He is on a team with a bunch of his friends so they are having a great time. And Jonathan is the coach. He has put together his outfit on his own...eye black, pulled up socks and batting gloves.

Easter Weekend

We had a busy, but fun Easter weekend since it was also Keller's birthday weekend. The kids hunted eggs at the neighborhood egg hunt, and then we were off to Keller's baseball game. The kids planted jellybeans that came up as lolly pops on Sunday morning and dyed eggs. The Easter bunny brought lots of swim items including new towels and swimsuits. We are ready for the pool!

The Birthday Day

Keller's birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year. So after the Easter bunny items and egg hunt, he opened his presents, and we celebrated his birthday. This year, we gave him PJ Mask pajamas and the Catboy action figure and car. He had birthday waffles for breakfast, and this year for his birthday dinner he chose tacos, green beans and strawberries. Harper was not a fan when we sang Happy Birthday to Keller. She said, "no, happy birthday Harper." And then, it turned into her crying.