Thursday, April 19, 2018

Birthday at Home

For Keller's birthday dinner, he wanted quesadillas, grapes and carrots. He also celebrated with a giant piece of cake!

Air Hockey

We got Keller an air hockey table for his birthday. Actually, a neighbor bought the table, but his wife nixed the buy. So we scored a great deal! Keller was so excited!

Birthday at School

Picture for Book Fair

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Happy 6th Birthday Keller

You're 6 Keller!

I am amazed at how fast this first year of kindergarten has gone. You have continued to be the kid we know and love so much. You're easy going, helpful and a good role model for your friends. Your interest and curiosity in different topics has grown this year especially reading. And your love of sports is as strong as ever!

We have your well check scheduled in a few weeks so I'll have to update with height and weight. You are wearing size 6 or small clothes. It's the length that becomes an issue with pants and shorts. Shoes, you are wearing size 1.5. During the week, we try to read books at 7 and then you are asleep by 8. Generally, you are pretty tired after a day at school. You don't really nap anymore. Every now and then, we can sneak in a nap if you had a busy morning or were up super early. And yes, you are still an early riser.

Some of your favorite foods include: steak, tacos, quesadillas, salmon, stroganoff, most fruits and veggies. It would probably be easier for me to list the things that you don't like (shrimp, tomatoes, salad). You are a very healthy eater. Each week, we read the lunch menu, and generally, you will pick two or three days to buy lunch.

You love sports! I mean every single sport. This past year you played basketball, soccer, golf, flag football, baseball and swam. You will watch any sort of sports on TV. Some of your favorite toys are Legos, Cars, superheros and anything sports. You still play and hang out with most of your CDC friends. However, your best friends in your class are Noah, Reed, Ryan and Matthew. You also recently had a crush on a little girl named Jenna. You drew her a picture of a dog. You also joined the Kiker chess club this year and enjoyed learning and playing chess after school

Some highlights:

*Lost your first tooth and had a visit from the tooth fairy. You also have your second loose tooth.
*You have chores to complete at home, including putting away your school things, setting the table, feeding the dog, putting away your clothes and making your bed.
*You are working to learn second grade sight words, writing a few sentences to tell a story and reading short books.
*You are also practicing your typing skills by writing short summaries over books you read.
*We took off the training wheels and you are able to ride a two-wheeler.
*You enjoy drawing and coloring, completing art projects, playing outside and anything that involves building.
*You are so patient with Harper and try to help her as much as possible.
*You asked for an allowance, but then after a week of more chores decided that you didn't need the money.