Sunday, October 8, 2017

Keller's School Work

I promise I will not post every single piece of paper that comes home in kindergarten, but I will post a few things every now and then so we have a few memories.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Harper at School

It’s getting pretty spooky in the Wild Things class these days! We introduced a new theme – Insects and Spiders. The children became aware of the difference between insects and spiders and the ways that these creature are helpful. Do you know the difference between insects and spiders? Most insects have three body parts and six legs. Spiders have two body parts and eight legs! Our focus this week was the shape, circle. We talked about how circles are all around us, and all the things we use that are in the circular shape.

Some of this week’s learning experiences included:
-   Reading the very hungry caterpillar
-   Creating spiders and insects out of a variety of materials in the art area
-   Played “The Ants Go Marching

Harper at Soccer Today

Keller at Soccer Today

Chess Club

Keller joined the chess club at Kiker. Actually, I told him he had to do something other than sports if he wanted me to sign him up for flag football. We first looked into piano, but the teacher takes students starting in first grade. Then, he found out his friend Charlie was in chess club so that was his next choice. He seemed to have fun this week.